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Ventrilo Server
To connect to our Ventrilo server simply enter the following:

IP: roniez.instantvent.net

Port: 8582

Password: backbone

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 Server Information

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PostSubject: Server Information   Wed Jul 30, 2008 8:14 pm

L2 Hate Server Information:

Rates 300x exp 300x SP 1x party rate 1x drop rate 1x spoil rate 600x adena rate

L2 Hate is a PvP server, with customized mobs, NPC's and hunting areas.

Custom Buffer: These buffers allow you to choose a set of "scheme" buffs. 3 schemes per character. Auto buffing with no cast time. Allowing for faster hunting and less time lost in towns.

Custom Skill enchanter: No more looking in every town for that one NPC to enchant your skills. We have put it all together in one NPC for you. One stop to enhance your skills for each class.

Custom Augmenter: All of our passive and active augments work. This custom NPC sells all you need to make your weapon your own. Weapons are soul bound when augmented, but the augmentation is removable for sale of the weapon.

Custom Gm Shops: Our GM shop sells everything you could want or need. Armor sets, weapons, potions and even the funny hats. One stop shopping makes things more efficient.

Custom mobs with custom drops: There are many mobs in the worlds of Aden and Elmore. We have taken these mobs, and changed there characteristics to enhance your game play. Harder mobs with better drops. Special items to obtain better things for your toon.

custom tattoos, shirts: Each toon has the chance to become very different from another toon of the same class. Our tattoos and shirts add stats that you can choose for the way you like your toon to preform.

Custom Apella armor: Full sets of Dynasty and Appella armor, with set stats and bonuses.

Working Elemental stones, working talismans: Elemental stones work like they should. Adding stats to your gear, giving you an extra edge in our pvp system. Also having all of our talismans working can increase stats in 6 different ways.

Get custom gear with medals: Our custom gear is obtainable by everyone. It is not a "donate only" item. Custom mobs from custom items, used as currency to buy higher grade items.

Working TvT: Team vs. Team events are held in a 3 lvl arena. Allowing for multiple fighting scenarios. Custom "TvT only" buffers are also implemented here, for added fun.

Raid events:
Raid events take place where the raids are actually housed. Raid events are held By our GM staff and event items varry for each boss.

Custom Clan RB's: In 2 of the custom hunting zones, both S and A grade, we have places special mini raids. These drop Clan items, to lvl your clan up. The higher the lvl of the clan the more working clan skills you can get!

Custom Dynasty Jewels: And if Dynasty jewelry isn't enough for you, we offer the sets with resists on them. All working of course. Add some extra shock resist for those dark elves!

4 custom mob areas with custom drops: Our GM staff has spent countless hours finding and putting tougher "custom areas" for you to hunt in. So far, we have 4 to offer you. Each area is different from the other. Offering drops that include blessed enchant scrolls, items used as currency for armor sets, lvl 80 Life stones, and much more.

Simplified Noble Quest:
No one actually plays this game to do quests, so we have taken the noblesse quest, and simplified it for you. One stop for all NPC's, all you need to do is kill the mobs.

Custom Leveling area:
For both A grade and S grade there are custom areas to lvl, that have mobs that we have enhanced to make the lvling experience better.

Custom PvP area with Special Coin Drops: Custom PvP events and areas are offered in abundance here. All with great game play and great drops. The special coins that are dropped in these events buy you elemental stones.

L2 Hate is a pvp server, with all the bonuses of the game play itself. Enough to keep you busy and happy so boredom doesn't set in. Our GM staff is all players. We have spent much time trying different servers. Took the good, and left the bad. Your game play experience here is what you have been looking for.

Balanced classes, custom events and NPC's. Active and supportive staff. Clan halls and castle sieges. Sorry, no blessed scrolls of escape!
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Server Information
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